Impact Sense


Risk Assessment and Rehabilitation

Impact Sense is the next generation of wearable tech for the workplace, which will provide accurate risk assessment and rehabilitation data and analytical key metrics allowing companies to proactively maximize employee engagement, productivity, limit injuries.

Safety & Technology

The idea behind Impact Sense is to integrate safety and technology to monitor employee activity levels, predict slips, trips and falls and track various other safety risks.

With this valuable data, employers can proactively, not reactively, identify risks to ensure employees are safe and healthier, while solving major pain points for companies themselves, such as healthcare and insurance costs.

Impact Sense DESIGN

Impact Sense

1. Outer Case

  • Designed to provide an unobtrusive experience in any application.
  • Casing consists of an impact modified ABS plastic, providing durability and protection for the device.
  • Testing within an insole, found the form factor to be comfortable, with little to no impact on the functionality of the PPE.

2. Connectivity

  • While being worn by the user, there are no connection requirements.
  • Device stores the data internally until a connection can be made.
  • Once a shift has been completed, and while the device is charging, data will then be transmitted to the Cloud system.

3. Battery

  • A rechargeable battery is used to power the ImpactSense for consistent and continuous service.
  • The battery allows the device to have the longevity to function throughout the user’s 12hr shift.
  • Wireless charging.

4. Memory

  • Memory storage is large enough to store the collected data for a single shift.
  • This will allow the user to wear the device throughout the shift, without having to upload the collected data till the end of day.

5. Sensors

  • The device consists of a MEMS 9-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) motion sensor.
  • This sensor is capable of measuring accelerations, angular rotations and gravitational fields that are consistent with human motion and the environment.

Basic Metrics

Impact Sense will provide 10 key basic metrics which are essential for companies to design and integrate technology to understand key movement information of their workforce.

Step Count
Gait Speed
Stride Length
Stride Width
Stride Time
Stance Time
Swing Time
Calories Burned
Heel and Toe Clearance
Heel Strike and Toe Off

Advanced Metrics

Apart from basic metrics, Impact Sense will provide 8 key advanced metrics which will help companies to proactively predict the risk of potential injuries.

Activity Classification
Foot Roll (Pronation-Supination)
Fall Prediction
Activity Time
Symmetry (Left vs Right)
Overall Risk Score
Sit/Static Standing Activity Ratio
Posture Analysis